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Respite / Breaks


Everyone needs a break to rest and recharge the batteries – and none more than people caring for family members with dementia. It can be helpful for everyone to have a break from each other from time to time and many care providers offer short stays or live-in arrangements. Or perhaps what is needed is a holiday away together?

Dementia Adventure (for holidays together)

Respite for carers in Wiltshire

Revitalise holidays

The Mede short breaks in Devon

The Kiloran Trust

Memory Aids


Sometimes a clever gadget can make all the difference. Assistive technology and telecare can help to support and enable people with dementia to live more independently. It is not for everyone but when the right products are found they can be very helpful.

At Dementia. information on assistive technology products

Self-help guide to assistive technology needs

Telecare providers in Wiltshire

The Technology Gallery in Bath

Remote care

The Memory Book - helpful guide by Paul Whitby

Emotional Support


A diagnosis of dementia will bring with it a range of emotions for the person directly affected and their whole family. There is support available to help people come to terms with the changes.

Understanding a person’s emotional needs

Talking therapies available through your GP

We Hear You free counselling

Counselling providers in Wiltshire

Talking Point online forum run by Alzheimer’s Society



Content coming soon



Would you like some help filling in forms? Support to make sense of a seemingly bewildering set of options? Or impartial guidance when things go wrong? Advocacy services can help you make choices, get your voice heard and understand your rights. The following links will take you to organisations that can help – or point you in the right direction.

Advocacy services in Wiltshire

Advocacy Easy-Read Guide

Benefits advice in Wiltshire

Healthwatch Wiltshire

Wiltshire Citizens Advice

Wiltshire independent advocacy

Making a complaint about the NHS or a social care service

Ellen Blacker Health and Wellbeing champion in Malmesbury and Royal Wootton Bassett



It’s a good idea to stay active and on doing the things you have enjoyed doing in the company of others. Or why not join a group doing something completely different?

Accessible countryside walks

Activity groups run by Alzheimer’s Support Including singing, art, gentle exercise, gardening and discussion groups

Art groups

Connecting with others with dementia

Exercise classes

Gardening clubs

GP referral for exercise or other leisure activities

Memory Cafes

Memory Sheds

Music and singing groups

Social groups in my area

Walking groups



It is notoriously difficult to get about in Wiltshire, but that shouldn’t stop you from doing anything. Whether you need help to get to an appointment or to keep in touch with friends, with the links below you can find some help with getting about:

Community Transport

Wiltshire Link Scheme

Accessible Taxis

Non-emergency hospital transport

Leszan door-to-door in Melksham

Transport pdf

Community Transport South Wiltshire



Are you new to household chores because the person who usually takes care of it has a dementia? Is there just not enough time in the day to get it all done? Maybe there are specific jobs you need help with? Or is there someone you know who could do with a hand?

The links below were compiled in response to questions that came up when we asked people what they need help with. They include support with dog walking, shopping and maintenance around the home

Approved tradespeople (search on this link by postcode and trade, eg plumbing, garden services)



HandyVan – help for ex-service people

Home security

Learning to cook

Tasks around the house and dog walking

Warminster help team



There are a number of ways professional support can enhance your life with dementia. The term ‘Care’ encompasses everything from a few hours of companionship, someone to help with personal care tasks that have become a little difficult to full time care. Care can be delivered in many ways. Sometimes it is enough to have a few ‘gadgets’ around the home which are monitored remotely to make you feel safe. We have grouped ‘care’ into sections. You can search on these links by postcode for providers near your home.

Alzheimer's Support Support at Home

Care Homes

Easy–read guide to paying for residential care

Guide to Direct Payments to pay for care

Guide for families new to caring for an older person

Home Support

Live in Care

Remote care

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